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Revision Knee Replacement Specialist

Vasilios Mathews, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon located in Houston, TX

Revision knee replacement is a complex procedure that requires a highly skilled surgeon. Orthopedic surgeon and knee replacement specialist Vasilios Mathews, MD, has personally repaired thousands of failed knee replacements at his office in Houston, Texas. If you’ve had an unsuccessful knee replacement and are looking for an expert to perform a revision procedure, call or book online to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mathews today.

Revision Knee Replacement Q & A

What is revision knee replacement surgery?

Revision knee replacement surgery is a procedure that repairs failed total knee replacements. Depending on the cause of your failed knee replacement, Dr. Mathews may remove some or all of the initial prosthesis and replace the inoperative parts with new ones.

Similar to primary total knee replacement surgery, a revision procedure aims to relieve pain and restore function in your knee joint. However, revision surgery is more complex, requires greater skill, and utilizes specialized implants and tools.

Having handled thousands of failed knee replacements, Dr. Mathews offers extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of revision knee replacement, including:

  • Causes of failed joint replacement
  • Implant components from all manufacturers
  • Methods for preserving or rebuilding original bone and joint tissue

When would I need revision knee replacement surgery?

Although most total knee replacement procedures are successful, a variety of factors can cause them to fail. When this happens, you may experience the following signs and symptoms of a failed knee replacement:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Instability

There are many possible causes of a failed knee replacement, and Dr. Mathews has experience working with them all. He may recommend revision knee surgery if you experience any of the following:

  • Worn down or loose implants
  • Bone fractures
  • Stiffness due to scar tissue
  • Knee instability
  • Knee replacement infection
  • Recalled knee prosthesis

What should I expect from a revision knee replacement procedure?

Before recommending surgery, Dr. Mathews explores every available method of conservative treatment, such as medications or physical therapy. If your condition doesn’t improve, he may suggest a revision knee replacement procedure.

Dr. Mathews performs revision knee replacements at the hospital and discusses your options for anesthesia beforehand. During surgery, Dr. Mathews carefully removes the parts of your original prosthesis that are causing problems and replaces them with improved ones. The exact details of the procedure depend on your unique condition.

Since revision surgery is more complex than primary total knee replacement, you may need to remain in the hospital for several days to recover. Dr. Mathews works with you to develop a rehabilitation plan that involves pain management and physical therapy.

If you’re looking for a skilled surgeon to perform a revision knee replacement, call the office of Vasilios Mathews, MD, or book online today.