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Partial Knee Replacement Specialist

Vasilios Mathews, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon located in Houston, TX

If you have damage to only one part of your knee, a partial knee replacement enables a quicker, less painful recovery than a traditional, complete replacement. Whether you need the inside, outside, or kneecap replaced, and no other treatment has worked thus far, call or make an appointment online today with Orthopedic Surgeon & Knee and Hip Replacement Specialist, Dr. Vasilios Mathews in Houston, Texas to discuss partial knee replacement.

Partial Knee Replacement

What is a partial knee replacement?

When you see Dr. Mathews for partial knee replacement surgery, he removes the damaged tissue and bone from your knee and replaces it with a human-made implant, called a prosthetic. The healthy part of your knee, including the cartilage, bone, and ligaments, is preserved.

What conditions does a partial knee replacement treat?

While the most common condition treated with partial knee replacement is osteoarthritis, it also helps relieve several other ailments including:

Bowed legs

When you put your ankles together, your knees stay wide apart. While relatively common in infants due to a cramped position in the womb, this condition should be corrected by age two. If not, you should contact Dr. Mathews for treatment.

Avascular necrosis (AVN)

Like osteonecrosis, AVN results from a loss of blood flow to your bones. AVN often stems from an injury, the use of systemic steroids, and certain inflammatory diseases, including lupus.

Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)

Due to a lack of blood supply, children and young adults develop OCD in joints, causing small segments of bone to separate from its surrounding region. Cracked or loose bones and cartilage also result.

Prior knee surgery

Arthritis develops in the parts of your knee that have not been replaced.

Why choose a partial knee replacement?

Partial knee replacement allows you to keep the healthy parts of your knee, resulting in a more natural feel. Bending movements are also much easier than with a total knee replacement.

Dr. Mathews is very experienced in this area, as he performs a high volume of partial knee replacements. He uses two different techniques:

Oxford Mobile Bearing Knee

Oxford mobile bearing is the most popular and successful partial knee replacement in the world. It features a mobile-bearing polyethylene component and is designed to repair only one side of your knee.  The Oxford knee is a bone sparing prosthesis, implanted with a minimally invasive resurfacing technique, and is designed to restore the best possible function to your joint.

Whether you’re experiencing a loss of cartilage or bone, you may benefit from a partial knee replacement. Call or make an appointment online today with Orthopedic Surgeon & Knee and Hip Replacement Specialist, Dr. Vasilios Mathews in Houston, Texas.