Hip Resurfacing

Resurfacing xrayResurfacing of the hip has had a resurgence, as many implant companies have revamped their lines over the past few years. Most companies now have resurfacings that are fast entering the market. This procedure is considered bone-conserving, as the femoral head (or ball of the hip) is not removed as in traditional hip replacement. It is simply capped with a resurfacing implant (usually cemented on). Given that the femoral head is not removed, the procedure can require more exposure than a typical hip replacement. An interesting result of this is that although resurfacing is more “bone-conserving” than replacement, it is not necessarily as “minimally invasive”.

Dr. Mathews can discuss this very important concept with you.

Dr. Mathews has developed a technique by which resurfacing can be less invasive, with a custom-made guide to fit over the patient’s femoral head, and thus help cut down on the size of the incision.

Dr. Mathews is trained, certified, and very experienced in resurfacings, such as the Birmingham Smith&Nephew, the Biomet Recap, and the Wright Medical Conserve Plus.

Hip Resurfacing Model

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