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Pain Location
Knee Patients: FrontInsideOutsideBack
Hip Patients: GroinSideButtockThigh

Gait (walking maximum distance)
Limp: NoneSlightModerateSevereUnable to walk
Support: NoneCane, long walksCane, full timeOne crutch2 Canes2 Crutches / walkerUnable to walk
Distance Walked: Unlimited6 blocks2-3 blocksIndoors onlyBed & Chair

Normally (one step with one leg, next step with other leg)Normally but with banister assistanceOne step at a timeNot able

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Right: With easeWith difficultyUnable
Left: With easeWith difficultyUnable

Any chair for as long as neededHigh chair for only a limited timeUnable to sit in any chair comfortably

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Dear Patient:

We are pleased that you have selected Dr. Mathews to evaluate and treat your knee or hip condition. In order to facilitate your care, we have the following office policies. Please read them closely and ask us to clarify any questions that you may have.

  1. Dr.Mathews is trained as a knee and hip surgeon. He has absolutely no training in pain management. Inasmuch, he does not and will not prescribe medications for treatment of chronic pain and in those patients who have no need for surgery. Ample pain medicine is provided in the hospital for patients after surgery and for 6 weeks after discharge. Patients with pain management problems will be referred to their primary care provider or to a pain management specialist.
  2. In those patients in whom a medication was prescribed, refills may be requested only during office hours: M-Th 9:00 am – 4:00pm and Friday 9:00am-12:00pm. Fondren Orthopedic Group policy is to not accept calls for pain medication refills after hours or on weekends.
  3. We respect the value of your time and will make effort to remain on schedule. You will find that Dr.Mathews will give you his attention during the visit. Due to the nature of a surgery practice, emergencies will on rare occasion cause us to be late or necessitate office visit rescheduling. In that event, we will make every attempt to contact you ahead of time.
  4. Disability forms are time-consuming for our staff and physician, and cannot be completed during clinic hours. Please allow several days for their completion. Be sure to complete your portion of the form before you leave it with us and provide a stamped, addressed envelope. Although we are happy to fill out forms for our patients, the time demands placed on our staff for such non-medical forms are significant. As a result, we must charge a $25 fee for each form. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.
  5. If you have any accounting or billing inquiries, please ask the insurance department when you reach our operator.

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